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BuccinoCollection is committed to ensuring the security of our website and the personal data of our customers and visitors. Our privacy policy is explained below. Any changes to this policy will be reported here, on this page. What customer information is kept by BuccinoCollection? BuccinoCollection requires the name, phone number, postal address, e-mail address, social security number / VAT for the record to the site, with which the buyer will be able to shop faster, be up to date the status of an order \ i, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. When making a purchase through our website, we also request additional address information delivery and payment details. We may also collect other personal information on the customer experience on our site to be helped to improve our service. For what purposes we are used customer data? Customer data allow our dipndenti to evade orders recorded, contact the customer in case of important operational changes on the site, to perform surveys and to obtain information for statistical purposes. From time to time we may also send to the customer via e-mail information about products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers. If the customer does not wish to be contacted for these purposes, the newsletter subscription can essre deleted from your client's staff. BuccinoCollection is committed to protecting customer data that are never provided to third parties. Regarding the fulfillment of the customer, the possibility exists that the customer data such as address and ZIP code are supplied to third parties with the aim of identification and prevention of possible scams Update customer information If the client wishes to verify the data entered on BuccinoCollection, you can do so by logging into your personal account. The customer's login information is entered into our database managed by a foreign ciated by which space was purchased. The customer is responsible for all orders and activities carried out from its account. We suggest you do not save your password in the browser, where that and other personal information can be


BuccinoCollection uses one of the safest existing systems for online orders and makes a constant effort to improve their software and to be able to offer the highest possible level of security for its clients. We use a certificate server, also known as a digital certificate, which guarantees our identity as well as the encryption system of the data transmitted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND CONTENT All intellectual property rights of software and content available on this site belong to BuccinoCollection and are authorized and protected by law and global agreements. All rights reserved to BuccinoCollection and its suppliers. The contents of this site can be saved, printed or presented solely for personal use. The publication, manipulation, distribution or reproduction in any format of any content on this site is prohibited, as well as the association in any undertaking or business.


Bank transfer

Country: ITALIA 


IBAN: IT 44 X 03111 03458 000000000688

Account Number: 

Account Holder: BUCCINO COLLECTION SAS di Improta Biancamaria & C.

Bank: Ubi Banca - Banca Popolare di Ancona

These are our bank details: In the event that the customer prefers not to pay for the order at the time when it registers, the bank transfer mode is available to pay for the order at a later time. We proceed to the shipment only after the transfer has been made and we have received confirmation from our bank that your money is available to our account.

Credit card The client can use the credit card with the advantage of the rapidity of the transaction and the flexibility provided by this payment method.

PayPal PayPal is a secure payment method used all over the world. For more information on this payment option visit www.paypal.com. Save the information for future payments PayPal By choosing this option the customer will not need to log in to the PayPal site when record orders in the future. The payment will be automatically charged to your PayPal used at the time of this option. The customer can at any time access to your PayPal account at www.paypal.com To do so will have to go to Profile> Wallet> Payments preapproved. You will see a list of all pre-approved payments from which the customer will simply delete the payment associated with BuccinoCollection. IMPORTANT: BuccinoCollection not record any PayPal account login information of the customer. It is advisable to specify an order number in the bank transfer and send a copy of the bank transfer to our info@BuccinoCollection.it for identification of payment and evasion faster order. Any additional costs on the transfer applied by the customer's bank is charged to the cliente.I products are reserved for 7 days. If BuccinoCollection not receive payment within this period, the order will be canceled.


BuccinoCollection sends the customer's order on the same day in which it was registered, as long as it was recorded by 15:00 on a business day and was chosen one of the following methods of payment: credit card, PayPal *. If the customer chooses to pay the order by bank transfer or ATM *, we can send it only after receiving the confirmation of payment by our bank, which can take up to 7 working days depending on the country of the transaction. * The payment methods mentioned above are not available for all countries. To know what are the methods of payment available in the customer's country, please read the information above in "Payment methods." If a problem should occur with the order (confirming delivery, verification of payment, product out of stock, etc.) We contact the customer with an email. We have the client answer for three working days. The order is not shipped until we receive an answer to our message. If we do not receive a response within the time period indicated, the order is canceled and the payment refunded to the customer.


Once sent the order, the customer receives a confirmation e-mail with the respective invoice.  Gli Orders are delivered from Monday to Friday, unless deemed not national or local holidays, all 'address provided by the customer when the order is registered. The customer can receive the order to any address prefer (except for postal boxes). All he has to do is provide an address to which will be available between 9:00 and 19:00. The transport service chosen will try to deliver the order to the address specified by the customer. CAUTION: The customer can not choose a specific delivery time, as deliveries are affected by routes defined by the transport service for the respective delivery date. The provision of an incorrect or incomplete address could lead to the return of the parcel to BuccinoCollection, causing additional costs that are charged to the customer. Therefore we recommend the customer to always make sure that the delivery address that provides the time the order is complete and properly filled. Once processed the order is no longer possible to change the shipping address or billing details. Whether to withdraw had to be someone other than the recipient, you will be required to this person that you bring a copy of an identity document of the recipient

BuccinoCollection does not assume responsibility for damages or losses resulting from the use of information on this sito.L'accesso to the site is permitted on a temporary basis and we reserve the right to withdraw or modify services without prior news. We assume no liability if, for any reason, the site is not available for certain periods of time. In some cases we may restrict access to certain parts of the site. When using the website, the customer accepts the conditions of use, which may change over time. It is recommended to regularly visit this page to be aware of any supervening changes.